Everything you need know about choosing roller blinds, how to install, motorised blinds to controlling your blinds with smart phones.

They are easy to maintain and clean.

They give an uncluttered, spacious feel to a room.

They save space as they do not need an area each side of the window to stack like curtains do.

An ideal window covering solution for full height windows where there is no room for a curtain rail or space to stack it to the side.

The installation process for manual, chain driven blinds involves fixing two brackets on your wall by driving four screws into the wall or frame. So it is very very simple.

For motor driven blinds, connect the remote, apply your custom settings. We supply instructions...... and you can call us!

Yes, you can – install a bracket lower on one side – use a spirit level to check the blind is horizontal to work out where to put it.

If the top is level and the bottom is slanted, a roller blind can still go up and down, limited only by how far it can travel before the lower side reaches the top.

Once the blinds are installed, and the remote programmed with a few pushes of the buttons, they are very easy to use.

Yes, we have Wifi hubs that will let you control your blinds with your smart phone.

No, an electrician is not required, as the blinds supplied by eBlinds are powered by rechargeable batteries. 

If you prefer blinds powered by electric motors, please get in touch with us, as we can arrange this for you. 




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